Transmitting Voices x Moving Stones

by Moving Stones (Tunisia) + EL Moutanakil (Algeria) + Sable & Chaux (Switzerland)

Partners +

This collaboration is the result of a common understanding, energy and need that has triggered the desire to continue the common history of the three structures in order to ensure an exchange and a certain future for all the projects that we want to realise together.

We want the Sailing Stones community and the Transmitting Voices community to work together and help each other to achieve their goals. According to the motto "Together we are stronger".

With the aim of creating new sounds with the influences of the different musical interests of the artists from the three countries and even beyond, the goal is to release the outcome of the musical residencies in the form of a collectif music album, in order to make this collaboration more visible and to promote it with Tunisian and Algerian artists, hoping that they will perform in Switzerland as part of the Moving Stones project. 

Visual artists and filmmakers will also be invited to participate in these residencies in order to allow people to talk about the importance of transdisciplinary collaborations to succeed as an artist.

> About the organizations of Transmitting Voices x Moving Stones

Moving Stones 

“Sailing Stones” is an evolving structure of events, a festival with its residency and exchange program in the field of contemporary music and art. A project based in Tunisia, but spread out over Switzerland, France and beyond. “Moving Stones” was created as the umbrella organization to keep the festival, residency and all its common community events and collaborations alive, and to continue and strengthen the professional exchange between creative people and projects from Tunisia, Switzerland and further countries from Europe and the MENA region. We aim to give this creative but still fragile movement more stability, to work on the exchange programs and research trips, to expand the festival-partners and supporters and apply to funds and financial help in order to enable future festivals and projects, to assure the outputs of the festivals, residencies, studios, stories and all further projects with a professional care by building a functioning communication strategy. 

In collaboration with the Transmitting Voices project our goal will be to also strengthen the connections between the scenes of current music from Tunisia and Algeria.

Sable & Chaux 

Sable & Chaux is informal task force consisting of Marcel Bieri (B-Sides Festival, Say Hi), Sandro Bernasconi (Polyfon Festival), Julia Foster (Fri-Son, independent communication manager) and others. The group was created during the lockdown due to Corona. The 3 members of the group shared common interest and experience cultural exchange projects. Also because of the initiatives and inputs from members of this group the projects airtime! (podcast serie from artlink and several swiss radios: ), Moving Stones & My North is your South (both supported by the open-call “to-gather” by Pro Helvetia , ), Transmitting Voices (residence programm between artists from Switzerland and Algeria supported by Pro Helvetia) and the concert tour “Resistance in Exile: An evening withBedouin Burger & Ernesto Chahoud” have been created in 2020 / 2021.

El Moutanakil

EL Moutanakil is a cultural exchange platform, launched in 2018 by a collective of young Algerians whose motivation is to develop an itinerant concept based on research on the Algerian musical heritage and creating a sound identity for Algerian electronic music.

A global vision is builded on four axes:

1-The development of an electronic music scene in Algeria: By promoting underground events that bring together a large number of DJs and electronic music producers.

2-The development of Algerian electronic music: through the organization of artistic residencies, brought together for sound experiences whose inspiration comes from documentation of Algerian musical heritage.

3-The creation of an independent cultural structure bringing together EL Moutanakil Label, and an aid fund to support the industry of electronic music.

4- An international electronic music festival in collaboration with other collaborations contributing to enlighten a young, modern and open-minded Algeria.

To reinforce this substantive work, EL Moutanakil builds collaborations with all the representatives of the Algerian musical and cultural scene as well as international artists and promoters, we aim to share our sound experiences to the Algerian and African public as well as to the European and Golf.