Fear as an artistic statement

by Albalad Theatre (Jordan), Brain Store Project foundation (Bulgaria) and Wasla for Arts and cultural development (Egypt).

Partners +

A residency program designed for artistic exchange and collaboration between artists from 3 different countries; “Egypt, Jordan, Bulgaria”. The program uses contemporary dance and physicality to explore with the theme of ” Fear as an artistic statement”.

The artistic residencies include holding workshops with local art communities in Egypt, Jordan and Bulgaria to engage more with artists from the local community.

> About the organizations of Fear as an artistic statement

Al Balad Theater

Al Balad Theater is a multi-purpose performing arts space with aims to promote artists from Jordan, the region, and the world by providing rehearsal and performance spaces for their work. Al Balad Theater also contributes to strengthening cultural movements in Jordan by cooperating with a wide range of performing art groups, locally and globally. It carries out many activities such as theatre, dance, urban arts, and music performances as well as three main festivals around the year (Al Balad Music Festival, Baladk and Hakaya Storytelling Festival). It also publishes an online cultural magazine “WAW AlBalad” covering cultural events and disseminating knowledge about them, as well as publishing critical articles of cultural and art issues.

The Brain Store 

The Brain Store Project was founded in 2005 by a group of artists working in the field of performing arts. The organization develops two main activities: organizing alternative educational programs and events in the field of contemporary dance and performance; production of artistic works. Brain Store Project is a partner of the Balkan network for contemporary dance Nomad Dance Academy and co-founder and organizer of the International Festival for Contemporary Dance and Performance "Antistatic" (https://antistaticfestival.org/en/ ). The festival started in 2008 as the first festival in Sofia with this profile. It was initiated in the context of the efforts of the network Nomad Dance Academy to promote and to develop this art form in the Balkan region and to make it one of the vital dance centres in Europe. In the course of the years, ANTISTATIC Festival has established itself as a platform for new forms and practices in dance and performance. Since 2012 the festival has been developing the platform for dance theories and practices Without Distance that encompasses a variety of workshops, lectures and talks for professional and non-professional participants and audiences. In 2019 Brain Store Project became a co-producer the annual print magazine “ Magazine for dance”. 

Wasla for arts and cultural development

Wasla is a registered Egyptian company that works to develop the creative sector and supports the freedom of creativity in the performing arts scene, by supporting artistic ideas, providing special services to performing arts artists and their creative

production. Wasla works to support performers through writing projects and translation, a space for training and workshops, as well as working on networking different groups of artists in artistic projects to create a different creative product, in

addition to organising artistic activities, and it seeks, through the network of relationships within it, to open new horizons in different ways in the Arab region , whether in production, performing venues or others, Wasla stands as a legal umbrella for specific artistic projects to provide Legal support and procedural for these projects according to Egyptian law to facilitate their work.