Contes imbriqués

By Nomades du Monde Association (Morocco), Other Music Academy (Germany) and Centre culturel Tumast (Mali)

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Together as a cross-regional project hub, Contes imbriqués wants to collect vernacular stories around water and its relation to the livelihoods of people, to migration and to climate change in the three different regions – along the Niger river, through the Sahel and Sahara, to the shores of the Atlantic ocean and all the way up to the Elbe river in East Germany

 This collaboration is based on the bigger vision of a collective performance project, “Contes Imbriqués” – intertwined tales. The collaboration is on the first hand a collective research, a networking opportunity and on the other hand focuses on community-involvement, in our three regions. Together with three core artists in our project, we will visit communities in all three regions, collaborate and share with each other stories, songs and other artistic and creative outputs in order to collect water stories. The background to this project is the deep interest and involvement in water and its cultural significance to our cultural landscapes, as well as its implications to climate change and migration today

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The Other Music Academy [OMA] is an experimental sociocultural center in Weimar. Its projects are always interdisciplinary, intercultural, hands-on and interweave artistic, social and scientific dimensions. The aim of the OMA is to bring a diversity of people to engage in meaningful and genuine encounters – through music, dance, crafts, cultural history ... discovering sources of life-long learning! OMA is grounded in a philosophy of otherness and non-violence. It has its home in an old school building and hosts the OMA cafe and ateliers. Main ongoing projects are Yiddish Summer Festival, #openpavillon, OMA Improv-Project, Altenburg am Meer and the cultural boat Mary Jane, MAQAM Arabic Music Project and OMA Cabaret-Workshop. Some of our international performance and community projects can also be seen here:  


Centre culturel Tumast 

The Centre Tumast is a centre of artistic and cultural expression but also a space for dialogue, social cohesion, friendship and socio-cultural mixing. Located on the Crocodile Island in an arm of the Niger, the Tumast cultural centre aims to promote and safeguard the Tuareg culture and to make it known, as well as to raise awareness of civic-mindedness and active citizenship and living together among the social groups of Mali.  Activities include literacy cafés, exhibitions, theatrical performance conferences and others. 

Nomades du Monde 

The "Nomades du Monde" association is a non-profit cultural association, created by Noureddine Bougrab in 2004 in M'hamid El Ghizlane, at the gateway to the desert in the South-East of Morocco. Its main missions and objectives are to safeguard and enhance the heritage of the Nomads and their ancestral culture, to promote peace, social cohesion and living together and to include young people in a constructive dynamic.

In addition to short one-off local actions, the association organizes an annual edition of the International Festival of Nomads, a 3-day multidisciplinary event (music, dance, crafts, traditions, sports, conferences, etc.). It targets all categories of people (children, young people, women and men, locals and foreigners). Its goal is to promote intercultural and human exchanges, to facilitate access to culture and art for local populations who are deprived of it, while showing the traditions of the nomads and contributing to the development of the local economy. See the festival website here: