by A.MAL (UK), L’blend (Morocco) and with a publishing house from Egypt

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Access to land and resources is an issue that concerns us all in this time of climate catastrophe, land degradation, endangered seed sovereignty and soil degradation. But some communities are already experiencing the impacts of climate change and multinational agricultural enterprises’ rising power more than others. Moreover, post-colonial dynamics feed into the way this plays out between Southern and Northern countries. In response to these issues, we will run a co-created, cross-border skill exchange between three cultural institutions who all share these concerns and whose communities are all experiencing them. We will then disseminate this knowledge and learning with our respective communities through a series of in person workshops, which will be relevant to our specific communities. 

Ard |أرض residency : Three members from each partner organization will meet to host a co-produced skill-sharing residency for each other: sharing best practices, knowledge and unique expertise over the course of a week. 

Ard |أرض in practice sessions: After a period of reflection, each partner will then set up workshop sessions on local land issues for and with their respective communities, using the knowledge and skills they have developed during the residency.

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“L'blend”, is the Moroccanised version of the English word “The Blend”.

We blend art, technology and entrepreneurship, to create a platform that drives social change.

L’blend is an NGO based in Tiznit, Morocco. The NGO operates, mainly but not limited to, within L’blend Creative Space and the organization’s social media space. L’blend works on promoting art, technology, and entrepreneurship, as means to create positive social change.


A.MAL is an art and research initiative exploring ecology, migration and globalization through speculative art and research projects. We cast a critical eye on past and present global issues while seeking to harness human connection and creativity to imagine a better, more hopeful future. We are keen to contextualize ecological concerns within contemporary global – in particular post-colonial – relations and climate justice in the context of North Africa. 

We create opportunities for collaboration and experimentation through paid artist residencies, paying for workshops and talks, and touring exhibitions across Europe/North Africa. We bring emerging and mid-career artists and creatives from Europe, North Africa and the diaspora together, to engage in reciprocal learning and experience sharing.