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Concert Jinan / جنان

by Ghalia Benali & the Tunisian National Orchestra under the musical direction of Youssef Belhani

When and where?

8 October at 9 pm

Cité de la Culture - Tunis

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Concert postponed following the decision by Tunisia's Ministry of Cultural Affairs to close the doors of the institutions under its authority, including the Cite de la Culture.

Concert organised in collaboration with the Théâtre de l'Opéra de Tunis with the support of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs.


the plural of "janna" (paradise).

The Persian garden in history represents the symbol of paradise, "jenna".

Its role was, and still is, to provide rest in several forms : spiritual or recreational.

The great poet Omar Khayam, disinterested in the goods of this world, praised them with depth and mysticism, seeing in them an allegory of inner peace, and peace in this world.

"Jinan" wants to be a tale of these majestic gardens, illuminated with light and full of mysteries, where thousands of magnificent flowers bloom. Each of them radiates a particular splendor, as if the guardian of these places possessed a thousand hearts, offering each flower a unique beat of love.

"Each of us is a unique poem and flower... it is from our differences that a wealth springs that brings us together."

Omar Al-Khayam’s quatrains will be performed in Arabic and Persian. Translated from Persian by Ahmed Rami, initially composed by Al Sonbati for Oum Kalthoum, they will dialogue with poems of Rumi XI century as well as contemporary poems XXI century such as those of Moufid Al-Baldawi (Iraq), Seif Kribi (Tunisia), Mwaffaq Al-Hajjar (Syria), Ahmed Salamony (Egypt) Mahmoud Darwish (Palestine) and Mohamed Fitouri (Sudan).

These little Eden where dreams grow, become reality when Ghalia Benali, accompanied by guests such as :

Moufadhel Adhoum (Lute) Tunisia/ Belgium

Kiya Tabassian (Sétar) Iran/Canada

Hamin Honari (Tombak/Def) Iran/Canada

As well as the Tunisian National Orchestra under the musical direction of Youssef Belhani.

Practical information

Cité de la Culture - Tunis (map)

8 Oct. at 9 pm


90 mins

Price information

Orchestra 35 DT

Balconies 1&2  25 DT