The Maps of Dignity

by Leyla Dakhli and DREAM collective

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In what and how is the notion of dignity (كرامة) common to uprisings and revolutions in the Southern Mediterranean since the 1950s ?

Based on research and documentation, this exhibition is an attempt to respond in the form of sensitive maps enriched with sounds, images, objects, projections testifying to life trajectories, historical situations or times of uprisings.

Connecting different spaces and times, the plurality of these maps immerses us in an artistic exploration that is both demanding and full of imagination of these fields of life. We thus become more able to understand the complexity, the meaning and the articulation of these two notions that are dignity and revolt.

▪ Panel Feminist movements in Morocco and Tunisia, from the 1980s to the present day. 

29 September 2023 at 2pm - duration: 120 min

With Leila Essalih and Mina Houjib 

Languages: Tunisian and Moroccan Arabic & French 

▪ Recital 

30 September 2023 at 3pm and 7 October at 5 pm - lasting between 30 and 40 min 

With Jay on vocals and Rayen Bahri on guitar

A recital of songs sung during popular uprisings in the Arab world in the 20th and 21st centuries. Musical performance reflecting the full range of emotions aroused by a revolution: rage, anger, loss, grief, hope. 

▪ Rehearsals

30 September, 1 and 2 October 2023 at 5pm - running time 60 min 

by Wael Ali and Simon Dubois 

Between 1988 and 1990, an improvised theatre troupe made up of political prisoners put on several plays in a prison near Damascus. Over time, these performances become more and more accomplished. The troupe invented everything they needed to put on a real show. They created tickets and brochures, and developed techniques for lighting, sound effects and music. The house built by Swift represents the last of these shows in 1990, the only traces of which reside in the memory of this troupe and its 'audience'. Based on interviews with actors from the troupe and their audience, Waël Ali and Simon Dubois attempt to reconstruct the show as it was, shot by shot, exactly as it was. For this performance, they open the doors of their workshop, which they began two years ago, to share their work on this "reconstruction" with the audience.

Language: Syrian Arabic

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Dar Ben Achour Library (map)

Sept. 22 from 2pm to 6 pm

Sep. 23 > Oct. 8 from 10am to 6pm

Open to all. Children under 12 accompanied


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Single price: 5 DT

Reduced rate: 3 DT for students & children < 12 years old

Free for residents of the medina upon presentation of an ID