Memory/Memoirs of jurists—Yadh Ben Achour #1

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From April to June 2021, based on an idea by Wahid Ferchichi, L’Art Rue, as part of its DPDW Civic_Space digital programming, is inviting men and women who have left a mark on Tunisian juridical memory. 

Essentially, Tunisian juridical memory remains under-documented. The researchers and teachers have certainly participated in enriching thought and the body of knowledge. However, we don’t know their classes, their lectures, the thinkers, the schools of thought—literary and artistic—which make up their sources of inspiration…We know their writings but we only a little about them as people…These evening interviews allow us to better know them and to ask them questions about their past but also the present and future of a country which they have so loved and served: Tunisia.

The great jurist and former Dean Mr. Yadh Ben Achour is the first guest of the “Memory/Memoirs of Jurists” discussion series, ذاكرة وذكريات قانونية interviewed by law profes-sor Mr. Wahid Ferchichi. 

About Yadh Ben Achour

Great jurist and thinker, former Dean, and President of the Higher Body for the Achieve-ment of the Revolution in 2011. Currently member of the Human Rights Council in Gene-va, and author of works which combine (superbly) law, political thought, religion, and philosophy.

About Wahid Ferchichi

Wahid Ferchichi is a law professor at the University of Carthage. He is currently director of the public law department at the Faculty of Law and Political and Social Sciences of Tunis.

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Tuesday 19 April 2921 at 21:00


1 and half an hour

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Free online on the L'Art Rue -الشارع فن Facebook page