Debate : Culture & Contestation : what are the limits of reformism?

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Since the fall of the dictatorship in 2011, various anti-establishment dynamics questioning Tunisian cultural policy and denouncing its aberrations have emerged. Always ephemeral, often without tangible results, they have failed to develop into an alternative capable of disrupting the practices of the establishment. Even the little change in favor of transpar-ency and good governance is precarious, dependent on individuals and other arbitrary, seasonal appointments.

This debate is about better understanding this ephemeral character and the obstacles facing the development of a serious alternative. Are the modes of expression adapted to the context and demands? Do the structures have the capacity to bring forth an alterna-tive project? But above all, do these movements really demand fundamental change? What are the limits of calls for circumstantial reforms? And what are the prospects for the current approach? 

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Friday April 16, 2021 at 21:00


1 hour

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Free online on the L'Art Rue -الشارع فن Official Facebook page