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Les Ambassadeurs

by Naceur Ktari

Thursday, 28 september - 6:00 PM

Théâtre Le 4ème Art

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In the Goutte-d'Or district of Paris, North African immigrants live in groups because they are not wanted elsewhere. The two communities, Arab and French, forced to live together, do not understand each other and clash. Salah, who comes from the south of the Maghreb, discovers the life of an emigrant in Paris and witnesses or takes part in the daily incidents that weave the life of his compatriots. This life, unless one assumes dishonest means, is hard and painful.

The racist French in the neighbourhood take the initiative in attacks that go as far as a double murder. Salah, with the help of determined comrades, realised that action had to be taken and helped to organise a mass demonstration. They all meet at the courthouse united and determined.

▪ Meeting with the director, Naceur Ktari, after the screening

28 September at 7:45pm

Le 4ème Art Theatre

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Le 4ème Art Theatre (map)

Monday 28 September at 6pm

Language: French

>> Meet the director, Naceur Ktari, after the screening on 28 September at 6pm.


35 mins

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Single price: 5 DT

Reduced rate: 3 DT for students & children < 12 years old

Free for residents of the medina upon presentation of an ID 


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