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Erkez Hip Hop

by DEBO collective

Thursday, 05 october - 10:00 PM

Yüka Gammarth

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Erkez Hip-Hop is an innovative fusion project, that seeks to bring together two very different music genres : Rap and Mezoued. Adopting the authentic sounds of the mezoued, the rebellious rhymes of the rap and the rhythms of the bendir or derbouka.

Erkez Hip-Hop explores the crossroads of genres. Each artist of the DEBO collective, very committed to the Tunisian scene, seeks to show the unknown facets of an original genre in Tunisia, both playful and furious.

Practical information

Yüka Gammarth (plan)

October 5 at 10 pm


90 mins

Price information

From 30 to 50 DT


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