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Fragments de feu

choreographic, sound and visual journey by Radhouane El Meddeb

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7 oct. at 5pm

8 oct. at 5pm

9 oct. at 5pm

Dar Romdhane Bey

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Fragments de feu, an earthquake that transforms a country.

The fire of revolt and power, the fire of passion and transgression.

Driven by this fire that has always overwhelmed and devoured us, the eternal Woman; fountain of life, love, creation and freedom.

Fragments de feu, of life, debris of fire, shreds of ourselves torn apart by a bygone story...

Fragments de feu is living work, powerful and engaged poetry, sparkling in a city symbol of light and freedom, crossing political and cultural histories.

Ignited by the passion of visual artist Héla Ammar, performer Malek Sebaï, pianist Selim Arjoun and singer Lobna Noomene.

Fragments de feu, by Radhouane El Meddeb is a performance created for Dream City, this project is inspired by We will all be devoured by fire by Radhouane El Meddeb and Malek Sebaï a vibrant tribute to the Tunisian women and their struggles for her rights.

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Dar Romdhane Bey

Choreographic, sound and visual journey from Dar Romdhane Bey

7, 8 and 9 Oct. at 5pm



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