The Dream City 2022 edition is over. We look forward to seeing you all at the next edition in autumn 2023.

Dream vidéo

Seven videos as attempts to overturn dominant narratives, representations, and systems of exploitation, in which the artists are the very centre with concrete proposals and radicals acts.

>> Download the full Dream video programme here

>>  At Auberge Zitouna 

  K OFF Gabès Cinéma Fen x Dream City

30/09 - from 2pm to 6pm

01/10 > 09/10 - from 10am to 6pm

>>  At El Hamra Theater 

 HANDSWORTH SONGS, by John Akomfrah
Ghana · London / 58’

An experimental film essay on race and disorder in Britain, filmed in Handsworth and London during the 1985 riots and incorporating news footage and archival material.

02 – 05 – 09/10 at 2pm

 THE NINE MUSES, by John Akomfrah
Ghana · London / 1h34

Structured as an allegorical fable and loosely inspired by existential science fiction, The Nine Muses tells the story of post-war mass immigration to Britain through the prism of the Homeric poem in an unusual way.

02 – 05 – 09/10 at 4pm

Ghana · London / 1h43

Through a portrait of left-wing intellectual Stuart Hall, one of the founders of cultural studies and an important voice in public debate, John Akomfrah takes us on a kaleidoscopic journey through twentieth-century history and Hall's ideas.

02 – 05 – 09/10 at 6pm

Kisangani / 1h20

They live and create in Tunis, Dakar, Lagos, Moroni, Dar es Salaam, Maputo or Kinshasa... A feature film gathering 21 video letters from young artists from 16 countries of the African continent, 21 self-portraits in times of Covid reaffirming above all the need to create.

30/09 – 01 – 03 – 04/10 – 06 > 08/10 at 4pm

 WAJDAN, by Selma & Sofiane Ouissi
Tunis / 1h30

For the Wajdan project, Selma & Sofiane Ouissi remotely directs five women artists. Filmed at home, they respond to the voice of Wajdan, a Syrian political refugee living in France. An experimental video full of humanity, which questions social relationships and the place of artists in times of crisis.


30/09 – 01 – 03 – 04/10 – 06 > 08/10 at 2pm

>>  At Caserne El Attarine 

30/09 - from 2pm to 6pm

01/10 > 09/10 - from 10am to 6pm


The General’s Stork explores historical accounts of biblical prophecies, colonial narratives, and the politics of technological warfare from the bird’s point of view.

 AS BIRDS FLYING, by Hiba Amin
Berlin / 7’11

An allegorical film about the absurdity of a media narrative. The film uses drone footage and aerial views of storks migrating over Israeli settlements in the Galilee and juxtaposes them with reconstructed audio clips from Adel Imam's iconic film Birds of Darkness (1995).

Berlin / 35’

This film departs from a collaborative project that is attempting to shift the status of a private land in the North of Lebanon to a common or social waqf.

 UP AT NIGHT, by Nelson Makengo
Kinshasa / 21’

As dusk fades and another night without electricity falls, Kinshasa’s neighborhoods reveal an unstable environment of violence, political conflict and uncertainty over the building of the rand Inga 3 hydroelectric dam.

Amsterdam · Kinshasa / 6 videos from 7’ to 9’30

CATPC members interview key experts on a Congolese sculpture and the postcolonial discourse. The conversations unravel the hidden relations between plantations in the South and the museums in the North.

 L’AGE D’OR, by Eric Minh Cuong Castaing
Marseille / 22’

L’Âge d’Or is a journey offering different points of view linked to a specific reality: a choreographic experiment, made by children with motor disorders and dancers.

 ONE IMAGE, TWO ACTS, by Sanaz Sohrabi
Tehran / 45’

One Image, Two Acts unravels the multifaceted and intertwined systems of oil infrastructures, examining the photographic and film archives of British Petroleum during its operations in Iran, Iraq, and Kuwait.

>>  At Makhzen El Rachidia 

 AHLOU AL KAHEF, by Fakhri el Ghezal
Akouda / 18’

Shot in black and white on super 8mm film, the movie is an open letter to the rap artists Jojo M and Galâa before and after their migration from Redeyef to Nantes, in France.

30/09 - from 2pm to 6pm

01/10 > 09/10 - from 10am to 6pm