The Workshops of the Dreamt City

Moderated by Adnen El Ghali & Raoudha Gafrej

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Tuesday, 03 october - 10:00 AM

Wednesday, 04 october - 10:00 AM

Thursday, 05 october - 10:00 AM

Dar Bayram Turki

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At each edition of Dream City, the Ateliers de la Ville Rêvée offer a space for artists, experts and researchers, Tunisian and international activists, to exchange their artistic practices and thoughts.

For the 2023 edition, the theme of the Dream City Workshops is: Ecological transition and climate justice.

During five days in Tunis, ten young Tunisian activists in the field of ecological transition, accompanied by two experts meet up to share their experiences and practices and to reflect on climate justice, the fundamental right to access to a healthy environment, hydric stress, the concept of commons and equitable sharing of resources, social and popular ecology, living in the city in a sustainable way... 

The group will also try to address the issue : “Is the climate crisis also a crisis of the imagination ?” to question the capacity of artists, cultural operators, thinkers, activists and political decision-makers and their role in suggesting alternatives and other forms of human existence. 

These workshops are based on three thematic conferences that bring together an artist and a scientific expert for a public debate open to questions and queries from the audience. 

These conferences will take place on October 3, 4 and 5 at Dar Bayrem Turki.

▪  October 3 - Water and bodies of water 

>>  With the Portuguese multidisciplinary artist Maria Lucia Cruz Correia and the Tunisian academic Fairouz Slama.   

This workshop will address the issue of advocacy for universal and equitable access to clean water, hygiene and sanitation, as well as raising awareness of the need for sustainable management of this resource. 

▪  October 4   - Nature in the city  

>>  With Sabrina Issa, historian of science, epistemologist and logician, specialized in sound art and founder of the LAAB/ Associative Laboratory of Art & Botany and Pr. Yassine Turki, engineer and urban planner, professor-researcher at The Higher Institute of Environmental Technologies, Urban Planning and Building of the University of Carthage. 

This workshop will address the challenges of reducing social inequalities in the territories and addressing the challenges of climate change. Against the backdrop of demographic pressure and the affordable housing crisis, interventions will focus on the issue of natural spaces in the city and the transition from the scale of the block to that of the territory to promote ecological continuities. 

▪  October 5  - Applying ancestral practices as tools for preserving the contemporary city  

>>  With the visual artist Mohamed Amine Hamouda who develops his work around the botanical, maritime and natural resources of Gabès that he studies and documents, Anissa Sfayhi, consulting engineer based in Scotland, Aymen Amayed, associate researcher at the Arab Reform Initiative, agronomist and activist in the Tunisian civil society. 

This workshop will address the issue of ecology today as feedback on proven "traditional ecological knowledge". Encompassing ancestral and local knowledge, these practices integrate those of the inhabitants of the territory, who play a major role in the fight against the ecological crisis at the international level and the tools and modes of management of the state and international bodies whose conjugation is not free of integration problems.

>> Download the Manifesto of Les Ateliers de la Ville Rêvée, the outcome of these periods of reflection and debate.

This text-vision brings together all these reflections in connection with ecological transformations and struggles in order to raise public awareness of the challenges of ecological transition.

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Dar Bayram Turki (plan)

October 3 - 4 - 5 from 10 am to 1 pm


180 mins each day

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